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Course objectives :

The objective is to provide an adequate refresher training to SFI/TRIs, who are already instructors, in order to instruct efficiently through "TRAIN THE TRAINERS"  - Seminar, approved by CAD RS for renewal of TRI (MPA)  Ref. JAR-FCL 1.370 (b) .  This course is intended for people whose task it is to carry out training programs in their specialist area and who aim to deliver tailor-made training programs in an efficient and effective way. Throughout the course the participants are active and learn through participation, including mini-lessons carried out by the participants. Attendance from participants will be required for the whole duration of the seminar including breakout groups/workshops. Some experienced TRIs currently involved with flying training and with a practical understanding of the revalidation requirements and current instructional techniques should be included as speakers at these seminars.

Regulatory requirement :    

JAR–FCL 1.370 TRI(MPA) – Revalidation and renewal     (See Appendix 1 to JARFCL 1.365)  (See AMC FCL 1.365)

(a) For revalidation of a TRI(MPA) rating, the applicant shall within the last 12 months, preceding the expiry date of the rating:
(1) conduct one of the following parts of a complete type rating/refresher/recurrent training course:
(i) one simulator session of at least 3 hours; or (ii) one air exercise of at least 1 hour comprising a minimum of 2 take offs and landings; or
(2) receive TRI(A) refresher training acceptable to the Authority.

Training duration:

The training program consists of 2 days, total of 16 hours, so called “TRAIN THE TRAINERS SEMINAR”  which consists of Theory Refresher Lessons. Formal sessions should allow for a presentation time of 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions. First day starts at 8 am, second day ends at 5 pm

Course dates:

Belgrade                    15. Jun.  2010
                                   21. Dec. 2010  

Singapore                  24. Feb. 2010   [fully booked]
                                   18. Oct. 2010

Dubai                         17. May. 2010

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