Our mission

We are confident, and we know how to achieve excellence in aviation training, we have commitment thro- ugh the provision of dynamic and value - added programs, which will enable our clients to move on to exciting and productive careers in aviation.




COCKPIT PRO provides training for 5 different aircraft types. One aspect of our training programs is cross-crew qualification training, which allows pilots to obtain an Airbus rating when already qualified on another Airbus type. Similarly, we have a course of differences for the B737CL and the B737NG.

Wherever your home base is in the world, with access to simulator facilities around the globe, we may be closer than you think. By establishing training offices near our customers, we better understand their needs, and they better understand our capabilities. That makes for stronger partnerships, and ultimately, a better training solution for you to achieve a specific type rating.


COCKPIT PRO has a team of the most experienced, friendly and approachable instructors, willing to assist, and solve the customer’s concerns in order to meet your training needs. All instructors have valuable, extensive flight operations and instructing experience in major airlines, leaders in the aviation industry. They are highly motivated to deliver professional training, to train you to excellence, with a corporate commitment to meet your airline training requirements.